Consulting & Implementation

Throwing down a pretty roadmap isn’t enough for us. We are here to make real and lasting change. This is why implementation is literally our last name. 

There are a lot of places to start in sustainability and of all of them, we think that starting from within is solidly important. Solar panels are great, but if no one knows how to run your business (ie. do/make the thing), all that clean energy isn’t going to do much good. 

Read on below to find out more about how we can help you take your organization to the next level by strategically implementing various aspects of corporate social responsibility.

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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses and organizations can do great good with the assets they already have. Taking a triple bottom line approach and considering the people, places, and things that are assets and also stakeholders, we can put together a plan that captures the brilliance to be had in using corporate social responsibility to build your business – whatever your business or organization may be. CSR can increase employee engagement, create impact reports, and provide pages of earned media but to be effective, it must be done right. 

Smaller packages or the whole shebang, we’ve got you covered. 

Fractional Corporate Social Responsibility

There is a lot that goes on in business, in operations, and in the field of social responsibility. With only so many hours in a day it can make more sense to have quarterly check-ins or project sprints to get org shifts implemented. We are here to make CSR accessible and that means working with you and your team to get goals met. 

Talk with us about your ideas. Let’s figure out a way to do cool things together. 

Organizational Development

Do you have a clear understanding of how your organization works to keep itself going? 

How many other people in your org do as well? 

Sustainability often starts from within, answering the question: how are we using CSR to protect our stakeholders, the people, places, and things that matter most to the business while also growing our business? 

…and then goes to answering a whole slew of other questions. Contact us for those other questions.

Climbable Corporate Ladders

Leaders can be developed. 

Is your org clearly structured so that people become better people or is your organization creating headaches for your people at every turn? 

Clear lines of communication, engagement, and advancement are shown to decrease turnover, increase productivity, and have direct positive impact on the amount of profit an organization realizes. True sustainability involves making sure your lines of leadership are strong as the principles that you have worked to instill in your business.

…you get the idea. Come back later for some kind of ladder-related call to action.

Exponential Impact

Hey #GameChangers and #seekers! Seekers often become leaders. If we try to go at this alone, we will fail. It is a lot. We must come together. We must accomplish great things. Together we can do it. Come join us. 

Believe in #radicalcollaboration. We can create #exponentialimpact. Please take care of yourself. We need you. If you find yourself needing something please reach out. Let’s do this. We got this y’all. Onwards with Twiggs.


Volunteer Opportunities

Join us throughout the Denver-Metro as we show up as servant leaders. Volunteer for amazing organizations and network with impact-focused business leaders. Volunteering is open to everyone, please find opportunities below: