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We exist to help shift the default way that people show up and do business in the world. There are some subtle, some dramatic shifts that we as businesses can make in how we do things that can create massive impacts; benefiting 10’s to 100’s to 1,000s+ stakeholders in the process. A lot of this is not commonly practiced at this point in time and we are here to add our momentum. There are many ways to become involved. If the below do not fit your taste, please do not let that stop you from joining a movement for good. There are lots of places to start, here is where we have decided to:


Do You See What I See?

Share your vision of what you would like to see your piece of the future look like with us.


Radical Collaboration

When there’s so much work to do, the old competitive model no longer makes sense. Enter radical collaboration.


Exponential Impact

Think about all of the complicated problems in this world. It feels overwhelming to take them on by ourselves.

Do You See What I See?

Story and vision are driving forces. 

There are amazing movements, people, projects, places, and processes; every day making the world and our life in it better. We’re here to mobilize and facilitate the shifts we need. Helping spread stories of good work is vital to the process.

We strive to bring tell the story and it’s going to be an evolving process. Join the movement and share with us your vision; in letter, your voice, a video, sock puppets, or something else so others can see it too.

How to participate:

Join Twiggs & Co. in visualizing the future! Send us (or upload and tag us) with your video, audio, or written description of what it looks like when your work is successful!

Tag #exponentialimpact​ and someone who you think is perfect for this challenge. Let’s use some #radicalcollaboration​ and share our visions for how to be the change!

Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration is how we practice business through the lens of abundance.

The traditional competitive mindset of winner-takes-all does not work for us. We have too much to do and too much good to share.

As we go forward we want to learn from the past and not make preventable mistakes. Learning from science, experience, and a lot of interviews, our answer is to evolve collaboration into what we’re calling Radical Collaboration. A working relationship that intentionally involves the whole person and people we are working with.

We are framing Radical Collaboration to provide support by directly addressing  egos and other very human characteristics and tendencies that can often cause friction in relationships.

We take collaboration as usual to the next level by operating in growth mindsets, always.

We understand that we are here to build eachother up, and that we work to solve enormous problems that must be solved together. We are a group of people who are learning how best to work together to do hella good in the world. Come make positive impact with us and be #RadicallyCollaborative.

Exponential Impact

Hey #GameChangers and #seekers

The measurable outcome of Radical Collaboration is Exponential Impact. It is our answer to how we are going to not die when looking at how much work has to be done on a massive scale. Being able to create positive exponential impact is vital to what we are looking to achieve in the global sustainability movements and the tangible way that we can take part and do these things is to become radically collaborative. Learn more about how the two are connected here: 

Volunteer Opportunities

Join us throughout the Denver-Metro as we show up as servant leaders. Volunteer for amazing organizations and network with impact-focused business leaders. Volunteering is open to everyone, please find opportunities below: